Balzac’s Parisian Mist

Just wanted to take a minute to mention Balzac’s Parisian Mist.

Parisian Mist Tea

This is your typical milk tea, but enhanced. At Tim Hortons, you’ll get your English breakfast tea topped with some syrup and milk. At Balzac’s you get French tea to begin with, mixed with a smooth steamed milk and sweet vanilla syrup.

Believe me, all this does make a difference. Smells great, tastes wonderful. At a Balzac’s near you!


Liberty Village Market & Cafe

Just stepped out from work to get myself a hearty lentil soup from Liberty Village Market & Cafe. I was originally going for the squash soup since so many were raving about it on Yelp.

from Liberty Village Market & Cafe

Lentil soup from Liberty Village Market & Cafe

This is really nice for a freezing day like today (it’s -13 degrees outside). Feelin’ so warm and fuzzy now!

Pittsburgh Day 2 – breakfast and ice cream

We found breakfast on the other side of Pittsburgh at the Point Brugge Cafe. This place is amazing. You can get mussels for breakfast and it’s actually really good! I also got a duck confit with hash, while my friends got a baked apple waffle, egg benedict with crab cake and omelette with broccolini. The food was delicious, definitely a gem.

Next we went to a place card Dave and Andy’s where they make homemade ice cream. I opted for the black cherry and chocolate chunk yogurt along with a strawberry sorbet. It was certainly different, but I thought the yogurt could be smoother. The sorbet was nice and refreshing.

Now, off to 40 pieces if nuggets and mighty wings!

Nola (Pittsburgh)

Here we have Nola restaurant, located in the downtown Pittsburgh square. Great Creole dishes, I especially enjoyed the flatbed with caramelized onions, ham and cheese. We also had the red beans and rice, alligator meat and crab bisque.