Congee Queen

I generally like congee places, but if I got to choose, Congee Queen is my pick. The overall food quality is better – I love the “fried noodles with three shredded ingredients” (lol is that what it’s called..). The sauce isn’t too watery and they give you plenty of meats. They have the crunchies on the side and it’s nice and soft in the middle.

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The Keg Steakhouse

I came here on a Friday night at 8ish, hoping that there would be less people there. Just like any other keg, it was packed, and we waited almost 45 mins to be seated. The area was very dim and it sets the mood for a romantic night out.Β 

I opted for my favorite filet mignon and ordered a Forbidden Fruit martini. The drink was really good; I especially liked the strawberry rock crystals along the rim on the drink. I would recommend this drink for girls, even those who do not regularly drink alcohol because the taste of vodka is barely there.Β 

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Raijin Ramen

On Christmas Eve, we settled for Raijin Ramen since it was practically the only restaurant open. I remember seeing a review from BlogTO but didn’t read much into it. Without much expectation, I ended up enjoying my experience at Raijin.

At 7ish, there was no one waiting for seats. The staff were nice and friendly – we were greeted and seated with free smiles which lasted the whole night πŸ™‚ By 8:30, more people came into the restaurant.

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Zen Japanese Restaurant

I was recommended this place by a friend as it supposedly has “Toronto’s freshest sashimi”. I had really high hopes and it didn’t fail me!

The restaurant is quite small, and we sat by a table next to the entrance. Waitresses were attentive. I think they have timers for each table so they know when to check up on guests.

Read more here:Β http://www.yelp.ca/biz/zen-japanese-restaurant-scarborough#hrid:5X6nqSO9p8o875CaPmLy5Q

Grand Electric

Finally went to the famous Grand Electric for tacos last night! As expected, there was a bit of a wait. We went around 6pm and ended up waiting only 15 minutes (original ETA was 30-45 mins). The restaurant was small and dim with retro decorations and loud hiphop music banging in our ears. If you’re out to have long, deep conversations, I wouldn’t suggest this venue.

We ordered a total of 4 tacos, a side and dessert for 2 people. Tacos include baja fish, pork belly, beef cheek and crispy cauliflower.

The baja fish was my favourite! It was deep fried to a perfect crisp and served with a spicy sour sauce that was dripping through the wrap itself! You can taste the zing in every bite; definitely recommend this.

Next, I had the crispy cauliflower, which was very refreshing compared to the baja fish. Served with loads of mint and cilantro, this was probably one of the most unique taco flavours I’ve had. Give it a try if you’re up for trying something new!

The pork belly had more of a Caribbean flavour. Slightly hotter sauce, sweet pineapple and soft pork belly all meshed together in one gigantic wrap. Quite a buildup of flavours but pleasant nonetheless.

Finally, the beef cheek was.. intense. The tender beef was paired with a zesty hot sauce (don’t let the green fool you). The beef’s texture was almost like a brisket – the pieces fell apart as I munched through, almost as if it purposely blends into the rest of the taco.

As for the side, we ordered the tuna ceviche. For $11, they serve you a lot of tuna! The meat is slightly seared to perfection. The meat sat on layers of cilantro, jalepeno, thin slices of turnip and a crispy chip sitting at the bottom. I felt like this dish got better as I ate more of it. There were definitely more seared tuna at the bottom (the top pieces were just raw). Also, the mountain of goodies were piled up so high, I didn’t know where to start eating!

Almost forgot – we also ordered an Anchor Steam from South California, suggested by the waitress there. It’s supposed to be a light ale, but turned out to be more bitter than expected.

We ordered the key lime for dessert. Really refreshing after an intense flavour attack! The whip cream sat on top of the key lime cake and cookie batter. $5 for a cup enough to share for 2 people, certainly worth it.

If you were to ask me if I’d come back.. probably only to try the charred tuna and have more of the baja fish taco. However, this place does takeout as well, so there’s that option!