Kinton Ramen

3 words – too much hype.

I was recommended Kinton Ramen by a lot of people since the owner of Guu opened it (and I do like Guu).

We waited 1.5 hours to be seated in the restaurant, which felt like a small sized locker room. We sat by the bar and the chairs had no backs, so there was no place to put our jackets. It was also summer when we went, so it was really hot inside.

Raed more here:Β http://www.yelp.ca/biz/kinton-ramen-toronto#hrid:w8InH1KxffQ_0HGLTB0NSQ


Raijin Ramen

On Christmas Eve, we settled for Raijin Ramen since it was practically the only restaurant open. I remember seeing a review from BlogTO but didn’t read much into it. Without much expectation, I ended up enjoying my experience at Raijin.

At 7ish, there was no one waiting for seats. The staff were nice and friendly – we were greeted and seated with free smiles which lasted the whole night πŸ™‚ By 8:30, more people came into the restaurant.

Read more here:Β http://www.yelp.ca/biz/raijin-ramen-toronto#hrid:xc8tbSSYD49su717yZ5MSA